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The following is an overview of each of the sections of the David Gandy Style Guide App. This section aims to give you a better understanding of how to use the App and manage your style.

Where available the, the first action should be to watch the Intro Video, by pressing the 'Intro' button. You will see a video of David explaining the content and functionality of each of the sections.

If at any time you require assistance with any aspect of the App, do not hesitate to email the dedicated David Gandy Style Guide mailbox styleguide@icncorporate.com and a member of the ICN team will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

Q1. How do I get started?

This section is the first page you will see when you click the 'DG Style' icon on your device. On this page, you can navigate to the six sections of the App; 'About', 'Wardrobe Essentials', 'Weekly Style Guide', 'Gentleman's Club', 'Wardrobe Wish List' and 'Shop'.
Each of the six sections is explained below.
This section of the App carries all the essential reference information for David Gandy Style Guide.
Intro – David's video introduction to the App
About David – A short biography about David and his career in the world of fashion.
App FAQs – An overview of the various sections of the App
App T&Cs – Written Terms & Conditions associated with the App
Coming Soon – Information regarding new features & functionality to be introduced to the App. Register your interest for updates

Q2. How do I use the Style Guide?

The Style Guide is made up of 4 main sections.

i. Wardrobe Essentials
This section shows the ten items that every man can acquire to give himself a stylish look for every occasion.
Select a clothing item and you will be taken to a page for that item. Here you can watch a video of David and Joe Ottoway as they talk you through how to choose the item in question and how to wear it.
You can select on the example images on the left. This will take you to a wider gallery of clothing items where you can not only find what you like, but also compare prices and link out to the retailer's online store.
From the gallery you can select the green button to 'Add to Wishlist'. This saves your favourite items in your Wardrobe Wishlist section.
ii. Weekly Style Guide
This section contains videos of David and Joe using the items and styles highlighted in the Wardrobe Essentials section to make a series of differing looks for different occasions.
iii. Luxury Accessories
This area will allow you to read information and view content from a selection of more expensive and typically luxurious accessories that ooze style.
iv. Budget Key Pieces
This is an extremely handy tool that allows you to set your price range and choose from a variety of different clothing items that match that budget
Choose from the wardrobe essential items in the drop box
Move the slider left to right to select your budget and the app will display the items available at that price point

Q3. How does the Find My Style Section Work?

Find My Style is an area where you can go to see how different iconic figures over the last 50 years have pulled off their own unique styles. You can also use the Body Index section to see what figure you have and what styles would typically suit your physique.

Style Icons
Watch the videos of David and Joe as they talk you through the most famous and notable icons since the 50s.

Body Index
Select your height and weight from the sliding scale
Choose which body condition suits your physical appearance. The more athletic and muscular type falling in to the 'In Shape' category while those who are less toned or athletic would set their condition as 'Out of Shape'.
Select 'Calculate'. This will take you to a screen describing one of the figure types that best suits you, as well as what styles of clothing would typically suit that body shape.

Q4. What can I find in Gentleman's Club?

Gentleman's club contains a series of video guides detailing what a man needs to know about how to tackle common tailoring and formalwear dilemmas.
The section contains videos that show what items to wear for special dress code occasions. It also details the key pieces of info you need to know about collars and cuffs, which style suits which occasion and how to match the right cuff and collar with the right tie.
The Tied in a Knot section also shows a step by step guide to fastening the classic knots from Single knot and Windsor knot to the Bow Tie.

Q5. What is in the Shop?

All the items that you have seen throughout the previous sections in the App can be found again in the Shop area.
Browse by Clothing Item – You can choose one of the ites featured in the Wardrobe Essentials and you will be presented with a slideshow of every featured designers garments in this genre.
As always you will have the option to add these items to your own personal 'Wardrobe Wish List'
This allows you to return back at any point and go straight to view your favourite items.
The gallery view features a link to the retailers item in their online store, so you can go on to purchase your favourite piece to build your wardrobe.

Q6. What is the Wardrobe Wish List for?

This is the place all the items you see during your session on the app can be saved
By selecting Add to Wish List whenever you see a clothing item in a gallery and this garment will be saved for quick access in the future.

Remember, if at any time you require assistance with any aspect of the App, do not hesitate to email the dedicated David Gandy Style Guide mailbox styleguide@icncorporate.com a member of the ICN team will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

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